Rwandan cosmetics business booms

‘‘Uburanga’‘ or Beauty in English has succeeded in becoming a sought-after brand in the Rwandan cosmetology market. The company has six product lines and 20 employees.

Its founder Cephas Nshimyumuremyi, said he started this business with $10.

Since 2012, ‘‘Uburanga’‘ has 5,000 distributors across Rwanda. Today, the company’s value is estimated at $40,000.

“We call these products ‘‘Uburanga’‘ or beauty in English because they are made from plants that can protect your beauty and keep it constant until death. We make sure that the products we manufacture are intended in particular for Africa and that they are natural. Other products containing chemicals predisposed to destroy the skin”, said founder and Director General of ‘‘Uburanga’‘, Cephas Nshimyumuremyi.

Herbs and plants are dried, crushed and mixed with various substances.

Cosmetic products include lotions, soaps, shampoos and hand sanitizers.

Marie Mukamuhigwa started using ‘‘Uburanga’‘, after having difficulty finding a cure for her severe acne.

“I started using ‘‘Uburanga’‘ products because I had terrible acne and felt uncomfortable. In 2012, Cephas offered me a soap to use as a test and everyone laughed when he saw me use it, because the soap was black and had a strange shape, but it removed the stains on my face”, she said.

Nshimyumuremyi, hopes to expand hiss product range to include toothpastes and hair products. He currently exports to DR Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

One bar of soap costs 50 cents and a large bottle of lotion goes for $1.


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