Kenya’s Miguna solidarizes with DRC’s Fayulu in fight against impunity

Two main opposition African politicians have taken to social media platform Twitter to exchange solidarity for the struggle to advance democracy and combat despotism.

The two are: 2018 presidential aspirant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC; Martin Fayulu and deported opposition voice in Kenya, Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

The interaction started on April 29 with Miguna extending “SOLIDARITY greetings” to Fayulu stating: “We wish you revolutionary success in your struggle to end the culture of impunity and to restore democracy, rule of law and electoral justice in the DRC. Bravo! #DemocracyNotDespotism.”

Fayulu responded with gratitude for Miguna’s message adding that: “The truth shall set us free.” The former oil executive continues to challenge the legitimacy of poll results declared after the December 2018 polls.

Miguna’s response took a dig at ex-DRC president Kabila and incumbent Felix Tshisekedi. He asserted that the former had cloned himself through the latter “to institutionalize the culture of impunity. Don’t give them a chance. Viva!” he added.

Fayulu was largely reported as winner of the polls by independent observers. The elections body, CENI, however declared Felix Tshisekedi as valid winner. Fayulu’s court challenge was dismissed by the Constitutional Court paving the way for Tshisekedi’s swearing in.

For his part, Miguna Miguna was a key opposition voice in Kenya’s post-2017 general elections. He was the attorney that swore opposition leader Raila Odinga into office in a parallel induction ceremony.

He was arrested and deported twice by the government stating that with a Canadian passport he had forfeited his Kenyan citizenship. A court has since ruled that Miguna was a citizen at birth and that could not be revoked. The government was ordered to pay him damages and ensure his return.

You are welcome. Take heart. As Frederick Douglass once stated, “Power concedes nothing without a fight.” Joseph Kabila has cloned himself through fatshi13 in order to institutionalize the culture of impunity. Don’t give them a chance. Viva! #DemocracyNotDespotism— Dr. Miguna Miguna (MigunaMiguna) April 30, 2019

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