Ethiopian crash families file suit against Boeing

Relatives of Canadians killed in the Ethiopian Airlines flight crash in March filed a lawsuit against Boeing in Chicago on Monday.

The lawyers brought the lawsuit on behalf of an Ontario family that lost six of its members and a Hamilton man who lost his wife and three children.

“I can tell you that if they deny that they are negligent, we will look for all the letters, the text messages, that link them to the FAA. We will hire computer experts if they do not give it to us and we will ask the courts to allow us to examine their computers to see how the process has been shortened here, so that Boeing can bring this aircraft to market and compete with Airbus. Every stone in the process will be returned if they deny any responsibility” said Attorney representing the Canadian families.

The wrongful death suit filed in the Chicago federal Court against Boeing and Rosemount Aerospace Inc. which designed the sensors used in the 737 MAX 8 is one of dozens of lawsuits Boeing faces over both accidents.


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