Uganda kidnapping survivor narrates ordeal

The American tourist who was kidnapped in Uganda by gunmen along with her tour guide on April 2 has broken her silence.

Speaking to CBS Gayle King on Friday, Kimberly Endicott said she felt her abductor shaking during the ordeal.

‘‘He had me by the arm and he was, run run run or I will slap you, run run run or I will slap you…. But that’s when I felt him shaking…(The kidnapper was shaking?)…When he had a hold of my arms. And I thought to myself, is this methamphetamine or fear and at that point I didn’t know, but it was just was something that I was very aware of very quickly that he’s shaking ‘’, she said.

Endicott and her local guide Jean Paul Mirenge-Remezo were ambushed and seized by gunmen as they drove in Queen Elizabeth National Park in southwest Uganda.

The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $500,000 and the pair was released six days later.


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