Angola: 3rd Portuguese killed in Luanda in 2 weeks

41 years old, married with three children. Pedro Gonçalves, a Portuguese citizen living in Angola for a decade was the third Portuguese to be murdered in Luanda in the space of two weeks, the fourth since February.

The construction engineer was ambushed on a road near an aluminum company. It was almost 8 pm on Tuesday night. He was shot twice by two people on a motorcycle.

The Portuguese was on his way to a restaurant bar frequented by the Portuguese community to watch with teammates at a game of snooker for the championship of Angola.

Rui Brás, the owner, and friends can not explain what happened.

“ Pedro was a calm, thoughtful person with a sense of humor, friend of his friend. I can not understand … and we were really thinking about the person he was … we could not find justification for this to happen. I do not think he would react to the robbery, I can not tell, the place, at that place, maybe the car got stuck in the ground “, he said.

Fernando Penetra is a friend and snooker team captain.

“ It was loved by everyone, in his house much more, for all and more reasons. This is a tragedy for all of us “, Penetra said.

The motive is not yet known. Authorities are in possession of video surveillance footage and investigating the murder.

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